2023 Minutes

Minutes OHSCTA 2/25/23

Dr. Nancy Keller opened the meeting and welcomed everyone

First order of business was to appoint a secretary to take minutes and help the executive director. Amanda Carlton from Pacific High School volunteered. A motion was made and seconded.

Nancy spoke about Jeff Dobbins and the positive impact he has had with the OHSCTA. It was also made clear that the OSCHF needed to fill his position as treasurer. Jeff Dobbins talked about the duties and responsibilities of Treasurer including state filings, IRS filings, helping with the website and helping the executive director, and tournament demand. Eva Williams offered to help with these duties. Motion was made and seconded.

Next order of business was to only use one rating system, the USCF. Using one rating system would be more beneficial as the rates are now pretty low.

Expenses were discussed and it looks that the OHSCTA annual budget will be approximately $200 in the red this year. The goal, as always is to be in the black. Snow storms contributed to less teams, which contributed to less funds. Dr. Keller brought up that raising the team entry fee to $150 would help keep us in the black. Deana from Lebanon Chess moved to raise the State Chess tournament fee to $150 next year for varsity teams, with multi team discounts available. Shawn Shelly from Junction City Chess seconded and the motion passed.

League reports. Mike Myers, the Mid Western Chess Director from Willamette spoke and all is well. He is still able to use the keys and his chess clubs are growing.

Dr. Keller spoke regarding the Southern Chess League and the positive growth after being down from COVID-19.

State tournament sites for next year. Westview and OES will both ask their respective schools about hosting next year. Shawn Shelly said that Westview is only 5 minutes from Top Golf and he would love to see the tournament there.

Dr. Keller agreed to remain the Executive Director of the OSHCF for another year, the whole room breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The group talked about exceptions to individuals to compete for schools. The process is to post to the Google group and it will be discussed.

The group talked about different ways to incorporate chess into schools. Club, vs school affiliated sport.

Dennis Chang, the OES coach, let the group know that they were very interested in having next years tournament at OES and would let us know if this was possible.

Meeting was adjourned.

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