2023 Exec. Director’s Summary

From: Nancy Keller
Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2023 at 08:57:45 PM PST
Subject: 2023 Championships

Hello Chess Coaches

Thank you to Junction City High School for hosting the 2023 OHSCTA Championships. We certainly got our exercise! The food trucks were wonderful and the playing site and skittles room were roomy and comfortable. The championships went very smoothly despite all the weather turbulence of the days before hand. Seventeen teams competed but the weather kept four teams from coming. We missed having Jesuit and Open Door Christian Schools and hope we get to see them next year.

Congratulations to Westview High School team players who are the 2023 High School Chess Team Champions. As I understand it, one of the team members had to hike down an icy hillside road to meet their carpool and made it to the tournament. That is dedication!

These are the results
Overall 1st place: Westview
6A-5A 1st place Westview
6A-5A 2nd place South Eugene
4A and under 1st Place Oregon Episcopal
4A and under 2nd place Junction City
4A and under 3rd place Coquille
6A-5A 1st place Westview JV
6A-5A 2nd place Wilamette JV
4A and under 1st place Ashbrook JV
4A and under 2nd place Coquille
4A and under 3rd place Myrtle Point
1st place Junction City Plus
Most valuable players
Board 1 Zoey Tang
Board 2 Arnold Yang
Board 3 Ethan Zhang
Board 4 Adamend Freda
Board 5 Nachiketh Narendran
Board 1 Ian Vo
Board 2 Bob Liu
Board 3 Isaac Briare
Board 4 Meet Raval
Board 5 Nina Vivek
CLASS 4A and Under
Board 1 Calvin Chang
Board 2 Frank Morse
Board 3 Tuly Ferris-Wayne
Board 4 Parker McCoog
Board 5 Colton Hedlind

You can find pictures from the event on the OHSCTA Facebook page and they should be shareable. Feel free to use them for any news media releases!

Next year, either Westview and Oregon Episcopal are hoping to host the 2024 Championships. When we get confirmation of the site, we will let you know. Stay tuned!

During our coaches meeting, no one volunteered for the Executive Director position and Dr. Nancy Keller (me from Coquille) is willing to continue for another year. Amanda Carlton, the coach of the brand new Pacific High School team was elected as Secretary. There were no volunteers to replace Jeff Dobbins for the treasurer position and he has agreed to continue those duties. Eva Williams, a chess parent from Myrtle Point has agreed to intern to help Jeff Dobbins with registrations and spread sheets.

Thank you Jeff for taking care of the registrations, keeping them organized and monitoring fees and paperwork.

Thank you Norm and Todd May for directing and working the computers for the complicated tournament.

Thank you Shawn Shelley and his chess players for hosting the event and taking care of the site preparations.

Thank you coaches for recruiting and arranging travel for your chess players and motivating them to take on this exciting, brainy sport.

Dr. Nancy Keller
OHSCTA Executive Director

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