To start a League of your Own…

Helpful Hints from Mike Wolfe, former director of the Southern league:

“When I decided to form a league, I sent out letters to nearby schools and invited them to call me if they were interested.  I got three calls, which gave us a four team league.  The next year, another school joined us, and the following year, another joined, so we were up to six schools.  The advisors meet in late October to review the by-laws, address issues, assess dues, and agree on a schedule of matches.  Then we play!”

Sample League Bylaws

If you have sample league documents you’re willing to share, or helpful hints on starting a league, please contact us .

For additional information, contact one of the current OHSCTA officers or one of the Schools in your area.



DIRECTOR:  Mike Meyers (Willamette HS) 

SCHOOLS: Churchill, Creswell, Junction City, Marist, Pleasant Hill, Sheldon, Springfield, Willamette


DIRECTOR:  April Lutz; Ed Addis (coordinator)

SCHOOLS: Access Academy, Catlin Gable, Clackamas, Cleveland, Grant, Hillsboro, Jesuit, La Center, Lake Oswego, Lincoln, Wilson


DIRECTOR:  Nancy Keller

SCHOOLS:  Cottage Grove, Marshfield, Oakland, Roseburg, Coquille