2019 Championship (Archived)




To be held on February 22-23, 2019
Catlin Gabel School
8825 SW Barnes Rd. (click for directions)
Portland, OR 97225 Through February 9, the cost is  $100 per five-person team $20 additional individuals (participating in the individual section when they’re not playing on a team) After February 9, the cost is $125 per five-person team $25 additional individuals DISCOUNT for teams from schools who have not participated in any of the last three OHSCTA events (i.e., Championships in Eugene/Willamette HS (2018), Hillsboro (2017), Junction City (2016)): $70 per team FINAL DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Wednesday before the event, February 20, 2019.


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The tournament is open to all Oregon students in grades 6-12, whether they have participated in a league or not.  Please check our bylaws to learn more about tournament eligibility.  To find out the OSAA designation for your school, visit http://www.osaa.org/schools/

There are two sections in the tournament that all Washington students in grades 6-12 are eligible for, whether they have participated in a league or not: The Open team and Individual sections.

Teams may be formed of students who attend school or reside in Oregon high schools, grades 9-12. One team per high school allowed.

Teams may be formed of students who attend school or reside in Oregon schools, grades 6-12.  One team per high school allowed. Middle School Teams made entirely of middle school students will also play in this section.

Open to Oregon and Washington students grades 6-12.

OPEN Teams may be formed by any group of students who attend school or reside in Oregon or Washington, grades 6-12.

Titles Awarded: State High School chess team titles will be awarded in the Varsity and JV sections to the overall section winner (overall state champion) and according to OSAA Classification (top score amongst 6A teams, top score amongst 5A teams, etc., although schools in classifications with small numbers of participants may be grouped to form a larger combined class section (i.e., 3A-2A-1A).

SECTION RATINGS & SEEDING: Each player on the team will be assigned a rating based on their highest established rating in the NWSRS and USCF. If both are established or neither is established, we will assign the higher of the two. If a player is not rated in either system, they will be considered unrated and receive a rating per NWSRS guidelines of 100 points per grade (example – grade 10 = 1000 rating on unrated players). For purposes of pairing/seeding, the team’s average rating will be used.

SCHEDULERegistration deadline for 2019 – Wednesday February 20 Absolutely no unregistered teams will be accepted at the door.Knowing who is coming beforehand is key to ensuring we start on time. Coaches must bring the certification letter from their school (no exceptions) with all players listed or they will not be allowed to play. All teams must present their first round lineup via email by midnight on Wednesday before the event.  Teams who fail to present their first round lineup will forfeit their first round, unless prior arrangements are made with the Executive Director.  Last minute changes may not be approved due to time schedule.

5 ROUND SCHEDULEFriday, February 22nd3:30pm-5:00pm: Check-In at Catlin Gable School 5:00pm: Player’s meeting5:30pm: Round 18:00pm: Round 28:15pm: Coaches’ meetingSat, February 23rd9:00am: Round 311:30am: Round 42:00pm: Round 55:00pm (approx): Awards ceremonyINDIVIDUALS Individuals will play on the same schedule as teams.    

TOURNAMENT INFORMATIONChess Etiquette  (All coaches must review with players)How The Championship Works

REGISTRATIONClick here to register…

REGISTER ONLINE:   Registration online is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Submit the form by Saturday, February 9th to get the early-registration price. Fees (checks made out to OHSCTA) and the authorization letter can be mailed to:

Jeff Dobbins, Willamette U. College of Law, 245 Winter St. SE, Salem, OR 97301

Provided you have already submitted your online registration form, instead of mailing your check and the authorization letter to the treasurer, you may bring it to the tournament. But remember, to receive the early registration discount, we need to have your registration form submitted by 14 days prior to the event. Also, all registrations must be made no later than the Wednesday before the event — no onsite registrations are allowed.

REQUIRED INFORMATION ON TOURNAMENT DAY:  School contact info, coach contact info, team roster (for every team), team captain names, signed letter of certification on school letterhead from your superintendent, principal or athletic director listing each player by name and their qualification (see bylaws for additional information).   You must have this information with you in order to play in the Varsity or JV Division.

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