OHSCTA Championship Host Bid Information

The tournament site alternates each year between the 5-counties surrounding Portland (Multnomah, Washington, Columbia, Clackamas & Yamhill) and outside of those counties.
In odd numbered years, the tournament is held in the Portland metro area.  Even numbered years, it is held in other locations throughout the state.
Schools have until September 25th to submit a request to hold the event.  If, after that time, no school comes forward, the tournament site is up for grabs from any school.
Tournament hosts have specific responsibility, some of which are discussed in the OHSCTA Bylaws.
To submit a request to hold the event, send an email or call the current OHSCTA Executive Secretary listed on the home page of the website with the following information:
School Name
Describe playing accommodations
Describe skittles accommodations
Total number of players and team tables your facility can hold
Site use fees, including table rental if necessary
School contact information
The earliest time teams will be allowed into the building
The following web page offers insight on how to prepare:  Championship Prep “To Do” List  (Past hosts are invited to add to this list by sending a message to The Website Administrator at ohscta @ ohscta.org