Online Voting Procedures

Reproduced from the Original OHSCTA Web Site (

OHSCTA Online Voting Procedures
  • Preliminary discussion is open to anyone on the Yahoo group list, even those ineligible to vote.
  • Once an issue comes to a vote, called for by the Executive Secretary, all discussion stops.
  • Only schools listed on the website may vote.
  • The designated coach or advisor may vote for their school (only one vote per school).
  • A coach or advisor may only vote for one school (even if they advise more than one school).
  • Votes are made, via email, by stating:  “School Name” votes Yes, “School Name” votes No or “School Name” abstains.
  • Votes may be sent to the general population or privately to the Executive Secretary, or their designee.
  • Voting will end one week from the time it begins (unless otherwise stated by the Executive Secretary).
  • At the end of voting, the results will be tallied and reported to the membership.  All those who voted will be considered present for the vote.  A minimum of 12 schools must vote for an issue to pass by a 2/3 majority.
  • Voting records will be maintained by the Executive Secretary, or their designee.