2019 Minutes

OHSCTA Meeting 2/22/2019

Annual report

  • Tournament –
    • Varsity, JV and 2 open teams – played each other 1st round, then playing individual games
      • Comparison to OSCF Team event – K-5, K-8 and K-12
      • CFS has elementary and middle school
      • OHSCTA is THE high school event, allows middle school to give them a taste of playing with high schoolers.   Agreement with high school only, good for high schoolers to play other high schoolers. 
    • Grateful to Catlin for hosting the site.  Rooms a little small. 
    • Reduced number of teams at championship this year
      • Lost at least 4 Portland teams to rescheduled events from threat of snow
      • Hoping to have Sutherland next year, haven’t heard anything about Ashland, little in North Bend, started up in Myrtle, couple of kids in Bandon
      • Congrats to Salem getting going – new team!
    • Next year – scheduled to be down south.  Cottage Grove high school has permission, maybe at new elementary school.  Date – probably Feb 29 or Feb 22
    • Advertise on web site, OSCF web site, send to high school principals
    • Waive tournament fee for host site if no rental fee
  • League reports – Recc keep trying!  Discussion about internet games, interest if it doesn’t replace face-to-face championship.  Andrei will contact chess.com.  Want to accommodate extra games.  Look at how to get it NWSRS-rated.
    • Portland – Ed Addis
      • Way down – only 7 schools, 10 teams, 9 rounds, 65 players
      • Westview on head-to-head tie break, Catlin, Lincoln
      • Some teachers have left and not replaced
      • Clackamas has team but no transportation, no support from administration
      • Hillsboro has no transportation
    • Mid-western – Mike Meyers
      • 5 schools + 1 open team
      • Winner – Marris, Cottage Grove by tie break, Junction City
      • Willamette, Pleasant Hill – lots of MS (HS graduated), Crescent Hill
      • Double round robin over 10 weeks
      • 4 of 6 HS came to OHSCTA
    • Southern – Nancy Keller
      • Hoping to have Sutherland next year, haven’t heard anything about Ashland, little in North Bend, started up in Myrtle, couple of kids in Bandon
  • Financial report – $1700 registration fee, $1300 trophies, $300 TD fee, anticipate balance unchanged
    • Overall balance about the same, currently $3373
    • Have 2 years of scholarship about to be collected
    • Will be dipping into balance
  • Elections
    • Treasurer – Jeff will take over as treasurer for 3 year term
    • Executive Director – Nancy willing to continue, offered position, no takers
    • Secretary – remains open, Kathryn will take notes at meeting this year and next year
  • Bylaws – Proposed amendments
    • Amendment A proposed and passed:
      Amend Bylaws Article XII. Amendments to read as follows (strikethrough eliminated language, add bold language): ARTICLE XII.  AMENDMENTS: This constitution can be amended at any State Tournament meeting or special meeting called by the Executive Director, or by mail or e-mail ballot, providing that all attending members are provided reasonable notice of the meeting or electronic ballot, that all members have an opportunity to vote, and that at least twelve (12) member schools are present or respond, and the vote is a two-thirds majority of those attending or responding.
    • Amendment B –complicated, goal for more flexibility, need to think and reword and propose amendment on group mail. Proposal as follows:
      Amend Bylaws Article VIII. Section 2 to add the following (strikethrough eliminated language, add bold language):
      Section 2.
      (c) At the Executive Director’s discretion, in consultation with the Tournament Director, the Board, and participating members, the Executive Director may combine or split any sections and divisions (whether Varsity, JV, or other divisions established under Article VII. Section 7) in order to enhance the player experience, although the Executive Director should make every effort to ensure that the competition proceeds in a manner that allows overall state champions in the Varsity and JV divisions to be clearly identified through over the board play.
  • Most valuable player plaques (board award) – May not be accurate representation – if team weak, B1 may be artifactually increased, consider eliminating this award – Board awards popular, so will be continued.  Consider performance award.