2016 Notes

From Executive Director Nancy Keller

 Lincoln High School Varsity chess team was like a ferocious bear, shaking off pesky attackers one by one at the 2016 Oregon High School Chess Team State Championships held at Junction City High School.  The Lincoln High School chess team consisted of Clemen Deng on first board, Kian Patel on second board, Gabriel Skoro on third board, Duane Lee on fourth board and Anders Olsen on fifth board  Lincoln manage to beat each of their competitors who also placed quite highly in overall in the Varsity section.  Lincoln was undefeated after the five round event and won the Overall Varsity Championship and a $200 per player scholarship provided by First Community Credit Union along with medals and trophies.
    Round 2, Lincoln played Wilson High School and Lincoln won 3 to 2.  Wilson won 2nd place overall in the Varsity section.
    Round 3, Lincoln played Clackamas High School and won 4.5 to 0.5.  Clackamas ultimately won 3rd place overall.
    Round 4, Lincoln played La Salle High School and beat them 3.5 to 1.5.  La Salle ultimately won 5th place overall.
    Round 5, Lincoln played Coquille High School and beat them 3.5 to 1.5.  First board player Clemen Deng was paired up against Coquille’s first board Aaron Grabinsky who is a National Master and 12th grade National co champion and about 250 rating points above Clemen.  Clemen managed to get a draw against this higher level player.  Coquille ultimately won 4th place overall.
    Lincoln High School did not stop there as the Lincoln Junior Varsity chess team captured first place overall in the Junior Varsity Section.  The junior varsity team had players Dylan Huard, Noah Gladen-Kilarsky, Andrew Sheiman, Felix to and Alexander Pham.  They managed to beat 2nd place Clackamas and drew Jesuit High School in round 4.  But Clackamas beat Jesuit so Jesuit slid into 3rd place.  Robert Gray Middle School put up a tough stance in the Junior Varsity section winning 4th place overall and placing first in the middle school division.