2013 Coach Meeting Minutes

2013 Coaches’ Meeting Minutes

A. Annual report of the Association given by the Executive Director
Andrei Botez, having completed his second and final year as Executive Director, stated that things had gone smoothly this year. He thanked Dennis Petersen for all his help as tournament host at La Salle. He noted that we had a good start on establishing a viable Junior High section and that this section would likely increase next year.

B. Financial report was given by Treasurer Jon Nuxoll. We were expected to break even on the tournament this year.

2012-2013 Financial Report By Treasurer Jon Nuxoll (Marist HS)
2012-13 Financial Report (through April, 2013)
(LaSalle tournament, Milwaukie, formally submitted 4/16/13)
BEGINNING BALANCE (Sept. 2012)  $          2,457.02
INCOME  $          3,132.00
Tournament receipts:  $      3,132.00
EXPENSES  $        (3,459.00)
Trophies  $    (2,230.40)
Table rental  $       (618.83)
Miscellaneous supplies  $          (89.87)
Tournament director and assistant  $       (400.00)
Annual website hosting (@ 4.95/mo)  $          (59.90)
Nonprofit registration fees (anticipated summer 2013)  $          (60.00)
ANTICIPATED ENDING 2012-13 BALANCE calculated  $          2,130.02
ANTICIPATED ENDING 2012-13 BALANCE reported  $          2,369.92

C. League reports
Portland League: Stephen Runion stated that there were 147 players on 20 teams and lots of Middle School participation. Lincoln was the champion.
Mid-Western League: Mike Myers reported that South Eugene took 1st. He said they had the same number of teams as last year–9 varsity teams involved and 2 to 4 JV teams.
Southern League: Nancy Keller reported that they had difficulties overcoming the distance problems, but they had 5 teams participate and Coquille took 1st.

D. Tournament issues:
The tournament was around 45 minutes late in starting. The player’s meeting was started only after the pairings were almost ready to go up. There was much discussion on what we could do to start the tournament on time next year. For example, we could pair the first round ahead of time and post it. But that was not broadly agreed upon as desirable.

Broad agreement was had on the idea of beginning the player’s meeting without delay while final pairings were being made so that both of those activities could complete at the same time. It was noted that had this been done this year, we probably could have started a half hour sooner, within 15 minutes of the posted start time.

E. Committee reports:
There were no active committees this year.

F. Tournament Organizer’s report: Dennis Petersen described how much of a challenge preparing for the tournament was for him. He said the meal ticket program was particularly difficult to organize ahead of time with all of the different coaches around the state. And to get the right number of tables and so on was dependent on knowing how many teams would be attending, and that data was not known by him soon enough.He thought that things would go better if the registrations were set up to go not just to the Executive Director and the Secretary but to the Tournament Organizer as well. Adding the Tournament Director to the auto-emailing of the registrations would also be beneficial.

G. Elections:
Andrei asked for who would be next to replace him as Executive Director of OHSCTA. Nancy Keller offered, was nominated and the vote was unanimous in favor.

H. Amendments to the Constitution:
There was considerable discussion about a some ideas on how to change in the tiebreak method to be more fair. Dan and Jeff decided to take their ideas and combine them into a single proposal and submit as an amendment for future discussion. Jeff also mentioned wanting to change the eligibility rules for homeschoolers. This would also be taken up later via e-mail.

I. The date and potential sites for the following year’s tournament:
Discussion was had on this subject. Dan said Crescent Valley was a candidate, pending final approval by that school. Randy Smolensky also said South Umpqua in Myrtle Creek was an option. It was decided that the first choice would be Crescent Valley, and Myrtle Creek would be Plan B. The dates set for would be determined after the site was chosen, based on the availability of the site.

J. Other items of interest to the members:
Discussion was had on the name of the new Junior High School section. Some felt Middle School would be better. But no decision was made on the subject during the meeting.