2010 Coach Meeting Minutes

OHSCTA Annual Coaches’ Meeting Notes
Feb 26, 2010, Cottage Grove

A. Annual report of the Association given by the Executive Director

      –James Horton mentioned the two format amendments this year that occured during the year, and that much of his time was spent on those projects. A general discussion was had about the new format. James described the way the trophies would be awarded in a way appropriate to the new format. A discussion about the possibility of saving money on next year’s purchase was undertaken. Jerry Ramey mentioned his trophy source might be better, and he agreed to help research this when the time came next year.

    –Looking ahead, James said he plans on undertaking a project to update the web site, particularly with respect to coaches’ contact info.

B. League reports

   –Portland League Director Stephen Runion, Midwestern League Director Dave Swanston and Southern League Director Nancy Keller described the events of their seasons. The leagues were stable, but there is concern that in a few cases some current schools may drop out.

C. Tournament issues

   –Ed Addis mentioned that the rounds from the different secions were not in sync and that noise was a problem. It was agreed to keep the rounds in sync on Sat.

D. Committee reports

   –There were none.

E. Tournament Organizer’s report

   –Steve Kilston said all was going smoothly, but a few players had gone upstairs, which was off-limits. He asked coaches to talk to their players about this.

F. Elections

   –James said it was an election year for Executive Director. Andrei Botez stepped forward, was nominated and elected unanimously to take the postion starting now as an apprentice and beginning his term the day following the 2011 tournament.

G. Amendments to the Constitution

   –A discussion was undertaken about the desireablility or lack thereof of using blitz as a tie-break. Larry Ball had proposed an amendment, but withdrew it in favor of doing further study on the subject first and gaining greater consensus. A committee was formed to research how to use tie-breaks that draw on results that occur during the regular tournament rather than after and propose an amendment that would gain broad acceptance.

Tie-Break Committe members
James Horton–Chair
Larry Ball
Jerry Ramey
Zane Kesey
Taylor Wilhour
Andrei Botez

H. The date and potential sites for the following year’s tournament

     –James stated that the site would be Sherwood High School in Sherwood and that the date would be the last weekend in February, 2011.

I. Other items of interest to the members

   –Jon Nuxoll gave a report on the Association’s finances. We are expected to break even on the tournament this year.  Final report is reproduced below.

Meeting was adjourned.


2009-10 Financial Report (Cottage Grove tournament)

BEGINNING BALANCE (Sept., 2009): $2,446.53


Website (reimbursement to Jon Nuxoll) $14.95

Trophies $1,721.49

Tournament expenses (hospitality, other—reimbursement to Steve Kilston) $448.47

Tournament director/assistant TD $400.00

TD travel expenses $125.00

Postage (reimbursement to Kate Taylor) $51.80

Annual state fees (registration for nonprofit corporate status) $60.00


Tournament receipts $2,708.00

Swiss system software payments (from Marshfield, Sherwood—this reimburses OHSCTA for software it purchased the previous year on behalf of and with reimbursement from several schools) $110.00

TOTAL 2009-10 EXPENSES: $2,821.71

TOTAL 2009-10 INCOME: $2,818.00

ENDING 2009-10 BALANCE (Aug., 2010): $2,442.82

Submitted by OHSCTA Treasurer Jon Nuxoll, April, 2011