2009 Notes

Notes from the 2009 OHSCTA Executive Director, Kathryn Rose Taylor

34 teams from around the state (over 200 players), arrived at Clackamas High School for a bit of mental and physical exercise!

What a great location for our 46th OHSCTA Championship.  Many thanks to Mike Figert and Ed Addis for their hard work before and during the tournament.  And special thanks to the “Hostesses” of the coaches room.  We appreciate their efforts in making us feel welcome.

Registration closed at 5:10, when the last team arrived, and the pairings were ready just as announcements began at 5:30 pm.  A great beginning for our event, thanks to the pre-tournament efforts of the pairings coordinator and our great tournament director.

Teams and individuals fought valiantly throughout the event with a few upsets and great performances by all.  Including teams that were new to our organization this year.

Motherboard bughouse registration tripled over last year.  Coaches expressed appreciation for having an activity available for students waiting for their awards.  It was wild.  It was crazy.  It was a lot of fun!

We continued our tradition, from last year, of recognizing coaches for their tenure.  We also continued our new tradition of giving individual members of the teams medals to take home and remember their competitive chess experience.

And in spite of economic woes and teams we missed who couldn’t afford to attend… we had a grand time and look forward to seeing you all next year!

We’ve undergone amazing changes in the last two years and I expect our events to expand as our organization continues to grow.  We’ll have new leadership as the very capable James Horton, of Delphian School, takes the helm from 2009-2011.

Stay tuned for next year’s event… the location for 2010 is being decided as we speak.

Best Chess Wishes to All of you!