2006 Coach Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 24, 2006
ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING MINUTES (by 2006 Exec. Secretary Mike Wolfe)

The meeting was held at 7:30 PM on Friday, Feburary 24, 2006 in the Cottage Grove High School library.

Mike called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone, thanked them for coming, and made brief comments about the state of the Association.  He said the Association had grown significantly.

Treasurer Jon Nuxoll made a brief report in which he said the tournament had made a profit of approximately $100.  The costs for the tournament went up this year because we hired an assistant TD and because we budgeted $200 for the coaches’ hospitality room.  Even so, we are “in the black,” and Jon promised a more exact “to the penny” accounting as soon as he is able to finalize the numbers.

League reports:  Steve Hawke reported that the Portland League had 14 teams this year, and that some applications for participation were turned down as they applied too late.  The teams had to double schedule this year, playing twice a week at times, to complete their schedule.  There is discussion about dividing into two smaller leagues next year, depending on the number of teams that wish to participate.

The Midwestern League jumped from 6 teams last year to 10 this year.  We lost Thurston, but we welcomed Churchill, Creswell, Junction City, Oakland, and Willamette.  The league played a 9-round single round robin, meeting each Wednesday at Lane Community College in Eugene.

In tournament business, the question arose as to pairings being based on league affiliation.  After a spirited exchange, the coaches instructed me to inform the TD’s that beginning in the third round, they were to pair teams based on score group and seeds rather than on league affiliation.  I am in the process of writing an amendment that will address this concern.  Thanks to Jerry Ramey for his assistance on the need to clarify our current language.

No one came forward to be the Executive Secretary-elect.  If no one does, the position will be vacant, and when my term ends in 2007, the Association will find itself without leadership.

Likewise, no one came forward to offer to host the tournament next year.  Since then, two schools in the greater Portland area have told me they are looking into the possibility of hosting the 2007 tournament.

Finally, Jerry Ramey reminded us that the qualifier to the Denker tournament will be held March 18 and 19 in Eugene.